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Pittsburg City Leaders Set to Vote on Whether to Accept Donated Property

The land is located along the Highway 69 bypass just before Lincoln Park.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- The City of Pittsburg will vote tonight on whether to accept donated property within the city limits. It's located along the Highway 69 bypass just before Lincoln Park. The person who wants to donate the land wants the city to make a walking trail throughout the 2.6 acre property. One resident thinks this would be a good idea for local kids and people to use.    

"I lived here since June, and going out in the backyard, I've always wondered what's back there because it's so crowded in the wooded area," said Bryan Waggoner, Resident. 

Bryan Waggoner may not have to wonder anymore. The property along the Highway 69 bypass may soon be donated to the city. The donator wants the city to build an area for recreational activity. 

"There is a bunch of kids around here, you can seek bikes and all that around. I don't see that being a problem," said Waggoner.

"It's nice when someone is willing to donate land to the city to where it could be, you know, could be used for future projects," said Jeff Wilbert, Pittsburg Downtown District Coordinator.

Tonight, the city will vote on whether to accept the donated property. Pittsburg Downtown District Coordinator Jeff Wilbert says a new walking trail will help the need for more areas to exercise outdoors. 

"It's a quality of life issue that the city is always concerned about, and being able to have places that are safe for people to walk," said Wilbert. 

Waggoner says if the city votes to accept the property, it would make a nice addition to Lincoln Park. 

"I think it would be a good idea, there is a lot of activity around here anyway. So if they can make a trail, recreation, help kids and people around here, that would be great," said Waggoner. 

Wilbert also says the city will be able to clean up the area that is on the side of the bypass to make Jaycee Ballpark more visible for drivers coming from the south. The person who donated the land to the city, John Locke Senior of Columbus, says that he no longer had a need for the property.

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