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Performing Arts Mural Completed in Joplin

The third Arts in Public Places project by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce has been completed today.
JOPLIN, MO---The title is "Celebrating the Performing Arts in Joplin." The then, now and future of the performing arts.

The artist, Garin Baker says, "So I wanted to do a street scene that really culminated the street scene, early 1900s and the real feel of what it was to be on the street with the whole energy in front of the Club Theater on a Friday or Saturday night. And then we went on to the Fox Theater and I really wanted to show the 40s and 50s might have been. Then I really wanted to have an iconic figure that showed off the classical beauty of this area. And then I wanted to have something uplifting because we don't know what the performing arts center is going to look like so I wanted to tap into the hopes and dreams of the youthful performing artists here in Joplin and so we came up with the ballerinas." 

New York City artist, Garin Baker was hand picked 2 years ago by the area chamber to paint this mural at 8th and Main Street. He painted it in his studio over the course of a year and then shipped it in pieces to Joplin to hang. 

Cultural Affairs Liaison, Cary Beasley says, "There really isn't anything like it within about 150 mile radius, so we are very very honored that we have something of this quality that we can showcase here in Joplin." 

This is the third Arts in Public Places project by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. Cultural Affairs Chairman, Stephanie Grayson-Meek says, "I am more than pleased. Over the top over the moon. It is everything that the committee wanted and more."

Midwest Regional Baptist Ballet Artistic Director, Kaye Lewis says, "I think it's just outstanding how the arts people are actually coming together and supporting each other's art not just their own art and to me that's what makes a community of artists." 

The mural stands 90 feet long and 20 feet high. The proceeds from the past 3 Dancing with the Joplin Stars events paid for this mural, which cost around $30,000 dollars.

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