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Parsons Schools New Superintendent

A new district leader is ready to make a difference in Parsons schools.
PARSONS, KS---"I hope to connect every student to school in some way.  I want every student to feel valued and important," says Parsons Schools Superintendent Dr. Shelly Martin.

Shelly Martin is the new superintendent at Parsons schools.  But she's no stranger to education, spending most of her career in the Wichita School District.

"I was an elementary school teacher in that district for many years.  I was a middle school principal and I worked at the district level as the personnel director," says Martin.

She's only been on the job for just over a month, but is ready to hit the ground running with her new position.

"I'm really looking forward to getting to know the students, the families, and the community on a personal level," Martin says.

Martin's vision for students is inspired by her 4-year-old granddaughter.

"I want the teachers to inspire her to be curious, to show her the possibilities of what she can be and to believe in her," she says.

And it's a pciture she hopes will be painted on te hearts of teachers throughout the district.

"I want that education for every child.  What I want for my granddaughter, the most important child in the world to me, is what I want for every one of our kids.  And I won't be satisified until we get there," Martin says.

Dr. Martin says she will get to know students invidually throughout the school year, which kicks off next Thursday.
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