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Parents Gather to Fight Bullying in Area Schools

Parents and community members meet at Carthage Municipal Park to discuss bullying in area schools.

CARTHAGE, MO--- A group of parents and community members are fighting to end bullying in their children's schools. A meeting was held at Carthage Municipal Park to discuss a plan to end bullying. Parents in attendance say bullying has become a large issue and they are desperate to get help for their children. This afternoon they planned how they will reach out to school officials and provide self-defense classes for victims of bullying.

"It just breaks my heart that the amount of children we're losing because of  bullying because they see no way out," says Kim House, who is a concerned citizen.

"I'm hoping we can put a stop to it. I'm hoping that she will be able to defend herself. I hope people realize whats going on and more people come out-- to help out with a situation. To put a stop to it," says Jennifer York, the parent of a bullied child.

The group currently meets once a week. They plan to reach out to leaders at various school districts in our area.

 For more info: https://www.facebook.com/standuptobullying/kimhouse1965

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