Ottawa County Declared State of Emergency

Ottawa County Declared State of Emergency

Governor Mary Fallin declares a state of emergency for Ottawa County after a tornado strikes Quapaw, leaving one person dead.
QUAPAW, OK. --- The storm struck Quapaw around 5:30pm, Sunday. One person who was passing through town died when they sought refuge in a vacant building. Debris from the building collapsed on top the car, killing the person inside. At least 5 other people were injured and the city's fire station was destroyed.

Five businesses were demolished and damage assessments are ongoing. Issuing a state of emergency is the first step in seeking federal assistance.

Quapaw Police Chief, Gary Graham, says they had no warning and didn't sound the sirens.

"You know it's hard to warn other people when we don't know. It's unfortunate that it happened that way and I'm not happy that it happened that way but I don't know what else we could have done.", says Chief Graham.

The damaged area is said to be a 5 by 4 block area and included two dozen homes.

As of last night, the city did not have electricity and authorities were concerned about the water supply. Right now there is a two-day supply of water, so city leader are asking residents to conserve.
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