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New School Envy Part 2

Tonight, Philip Mitchell finds out what a Joplin mom thinks about the importance of education and how local realtors work with parents who want to be in a certain area.
JOPLIN, MO.--- If you are a parent and you have young children, you've probably thought about making sure they receive the best education possible. Last night, KSN's Philip Mitchell talked with Dr. C.J. Huff about the changes that have occurred in the Joplin School District following the May 22nd tornado. 

Tonight, Philip Mitchell finds out what a Joplin mom thinks about the importance of education and how local realtors work with parents who want to be in a certain area. Barbara Peralta and her husband have two daughters ages 11 and 9. They are actively looking to buy their first home.

"I'm currently renting, so I felt like it was a good time in our lives where we are stable enough to purchase a home," said Barbara Peralta, Parent.  

She says on her list of priorities, she ranks a good school as the number one thing she is looking for in a house. It even ranks above number of bedrooms on the list.

"It's very important for me because I want my children to succeed. In order for them to succeed, they need a good education, and education comes first for me. I want to make sure they are comfortable and confident in their work as well as with their teachers," said Peralta. 

Jennifer Reaves is Peralta's realtor, and she says they get these kind of questions all the time. She says the listing typically shows what elementary, middle, or high school a particular property would attend.

"Sometimes the city lines are exactly where the school lines are for the school district. So it's important that they look into that and make sure the house is in the right district if that's what they're looking for," said Jennifer Reaves, Realtor. 
Since the redistricting in Joplin last year, they've had to get out the map.

"Since several of the schools have changed their locations or the boundaries might have changed, there's a lot of questions as far as where those boundaries are," said Reaves. 

Those new boundaries have not only affected the elementary schools, they also affect what middle school a child attends. The so called "feeder schools" have changed, meaning a student who goes to Kelsey Norman will now go to South Middle School instead of East. Reaves says there can be a variety of reasons why a person would choose one elementary school over another.

"Sometimes they choose a certain elementary school because maybe that's where they went to school as a kid, or they know the teachers. Other times it could be because of the research they found about the schools. There can be a number of reasons why they choose that elementary," said Reaves. 

Peralta has a unique reason why they are excited to be able to choose.

"I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York. So that plays a big role, since New York is very populated, education was limited as far as my parents being able to pick. It's a blessing for me now to get to choose the district I prefer for them and the school," said Peralta. 

Peralta says it's important for parents to care about their child's education.   

"This is our future, children are our future. It's important for them to have a good education to succeed," said Peralta. 

If you would like more information about where the boundaries are for Joplin schools, including the two new elementary schools, click here.

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