Nevada Weekend Brown Bag Program

Nevada Weekend Brown Bag Program

Some Nevada churches are joining forces to keep kids from going hungry.
NEVADA, MO.--- Some Nevada churches are joining forces to keep kids from going hungry. The Weekend Brown Bag Program is supported by local churches. Church volunteers fill a brown paper lunch bag for a child to take home on Friday. 

"There was an interim pastor here and he gave two women of the congregation $50 dollars, and asked what are the needs of this community, what can we do with this to get started?" Said Linda Pagel, United Methodist Church Pastor. 

Nevada First United Methodist Church Pastor Linda Pagel says it wasn't hard to answer that question.

"They discovered that many children are hungry at school and we knew this was a real need, because it's hard to learn if you're hungry, it's hard to pay attention," said Pagel. 

She tells us every elementary school in the area has a church that sponsors them.

"We partner with Truman Elementary and we do between 55 and 60 double lunches every week. It's a really confidential program, it's based on need," said Pagel. 

Nevada Superintendent David Stephens says this program helps continue to support the nutritional needs for students when they're not at school. 

"We can feed them breakfast and lunch and give them healthy food, you know five days a week, but once we send them home, we really don't have any other opportunities," said Dr. David Stephens, Nevada R-5 Superintendent. 

Volunteers also send the kids home with health kits at least twice a year.  

"So that they have toothbrushes and tooth paste and deodorant and soap, and things like that," said Pagel. 

Dr. Stephens says the community's generosity is overwhelming. 

"That's just one of the real blessings of this community, is the patron involvement and doing what's best for the kids," said Dr. Stephens. 

You can support the program through monetary donations to the Nevada Community Outreach or the Nevada First United Methodist Church.
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