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Neosho City Leaders Discuss Possible Occupational Tax

The Neosho City Council is discussing putting an occupational tax on the November ballot.
NEOSHO, MO.--- Currently, Empire District customers in Neosho pay an occupational tax. Since that tax was passed, the city limits have increased, meaning there are now New Mac customers living within the city limits that do not pay an occupational tax. The proposed tax would only effect New Mac customers. It would not increase residents' bills, instead it would take 5% away from New Mac to give to the city. The city and New Mac want to make this tax equal for everyone. 

"We're going to get that on the ballot hopefully and let the people decide, but it's just a situation where it once upon a time it was all Empire and now as some New Mac customers have been brought in, just trying to level the playing field," said Charles Collingsworth, Neosho Mayor Pro Tempore.

The city council is still discussing the tax and will decide whether or not to place it on the November ballot within the upcoming months. 

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