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NEO Building on Tradition Campaign

NEO A & M College launches a funding campaign today at their annual alumni banquet.
MIAMI, OK.---  The campaign is called "Building on Tradition." Money raised will help fund renovations for Synar Farm. For almost 70 years, Synar Farm has functioned as a lab for NEO'S agriculture program. Department Chair Shannon Cunningham says the 200 acre farm has not seen any updates in 40 years. The college, students and alumni are working together to make $1.25 million worth of renovations. 

"The investments that the college, our students, and our alumni are making in this program is well worth the effort. We believe in what our students do and to continue this brand in excellence it only merits renovations to our Synar Farm," said Shannon Cunningham, Agriculture Department Chair. 

The goal of the campaign is to raise $500,000 over the next five years and they've already raised $117,000. Phase one of five renovations phases starts next week.
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