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MoDOT Fixing Interchange at 171 and Route HH

Missouri Department of Transportation is making an improvement at the interchange at 171 and Route HH.
WEBB CITY, MO---Currently, if you are driving from Webb City to Carthage you only have 500 feet to cross over 2 lanes of high speed traffic to make the exit for Route HH. With the new improvements, MoDOT is going to more than triple the distance for people to make the exit. MoDOT's Assistant District Engineer, Dan Salisbury says this will make the move a lot safer.

"Basically we are going to take out the eastbound off ramp at Route HH and we're gonna loop it under trough the bridge and around on the other side." says Salisbury. 

Salisbury says it hasn't been a safety problem yet but there has been a lot of near misses there. Construction will start at the end of this month and be completed by the end of July into August.
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