MO Welding Institute - Matt Servos

MO Welding Institute - Matt Servos


Matt ServosMatt Servos � Welding Instructor

Matt graduated from Missouri Welding Institute in the fall of 1999.� After his graduation he went to work building an extremely diverse background in the welding field which includes: nuclear power industry, bio-diesel plants, ethanol plants, food process piping, an experimental turkey oil refinery and shop manufacturing.

Matt has extensive experience and knowledge of all four major welding processes which include: MIG, TIG, Flux Core, and Stick.� He has welded with several alloys which include: carbon steel, inconnel, hastalloy, titanium, copper nickel, chrome, aluminum, and several grades of stainless steel.

Matt�s career did not stop with just welding.� He has spent years becoming an accomplished pipe fitter.� Matt also decided to pursue the supervision aspect of the construction industry with two years as a pipe Foreman and one year as a pipe General Foreman.

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