MO. Lawmakers Take Early Voting Proposal to Ballot

MO. Lawmakers Take Early Voting Proposal to Ballot

The time frame to cast a ballot could be getting bigger for local voters

JASPER COUNTY, MO.--- A Missouri ballot question will ask whether the state should open a six day early voting period. The Jasper County Clerk says the change would likely require multiple voting sites, something that the current offices in Carthage and Joplin would probably meet. If approved, the state could require additional locations, which could get expensive.

"We'd have to hire some people. We'd have to have internet availability. We'd have to have people there all the time. In fact, they even talked about having people voting on Saturdays and Sundays," said Bonnie Earl, Jasper County Clerk

Missouri currently allows absentee voting, but that requires a specific reason the voters can't make it to the polls on election day. Missouri voters will decide the issue on November 4th.

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