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Missouri Lawmakers Push to Put State Execution on the Express Lane

Currently, there is no protocol or time frame in which an inmate must be executed.
LAMAR, MO.--- State Representative Mike Kelley of Lamar introduced House Bill 1855 after he received a letter from a concerned Missouri parent.

"A mother contacted me and was talking about how her daughter was raped and murdered over 20 years ago and that the man still sits on death row today. He has no appeals and the courts have still not set a date," said Mike Kelley, Missouri Representative, District 127. 

The new bill would require that once all appeals have been exhausted for a death row inmate, and the attorney general of Missouri has requested a date to be set for execution, the Supreme Court will have 30 days to review the case and set an execution date. That execution must take place within the next 60 days. Currently, there is no protocol or time frame in which an inmate must be executed.

"While I am still investigating exactly how long these request have been in, I do know that there are several that are over two years and they still have no date that's been set and all appeals have been exhausted," said Kelley. 

In fact, Kelley says he'll be a state witness at an upcoming execution for man who sat on death row for years.

"Next Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m. Michael Taylor. This man is a person who has been on death row for longer than the 15 year old girl that he raped and murdered was alive," said Kelley. 

Kelley feels that these kind of sentences need to be carried out more efficiently.

"We need to make sure that we are doing our diligence to make sure that the taxpayers of Missouri are not wasting their tax dollars on a situation where there are no appeals left, the person is clearly guilty of the crime they've committed," said Kelley. 

Kelley says this bill would only apply for inmates who've committed heinous crimes. 

"I would never want to see an innocent person go to the execution chamber, but a person that is guilty that has exhausted all appeals needs to make sure that we have due diligence," said Kelley. 

The bill has been first and second read and will be refereed to committee next week. At that point, they will try to get a hearing.
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