Miami Northshore Daycare

Miami Northshore Daycare

A daycare in Miami is providing child care to parents who don't work a 9 to 5 job.
MIAMI, OK.--- Northshore Daycare in Miami isn't exactly your typical daycare. The goal is to provide child care to parents who don't work a 9 to 5 job. 

"We're open seven days a week from 5:30 in the morning until 11:30 at night. We're open every holiday but Christmas," said Randi McElhaney, Daycare Director.

It not only helps families, but single moms as well. 

"We were opened to fund our mission, which is Northshore Baptist Women's Mission. And it's to help single moms, they help them, they assist them with housing. They help them go back to school with furnishings and things that single mother's struggle with," said McElhaney. 

The daycare opened in January and it's all because Chelsee Bacon's dad saw a need. 

"For women that struggle being a single parent and stuff, that's when we decided to open up this business and give the parent who don't work a 9 to 5 shift a chance to be able to have their child in daycare," said Chelsee Bacon, parent. 

Chelsee says it's a good place to take your kids and it's not just because her dad runs the program.

"I'm probably the pickiest parent you'll ever meet," said Bacon. "I want to know what my children are doing what my children are learning, how they are playing. The teachers, I want to know all about the teachers."

Northshore staff say the facility is very rewarding.

"Because even as married couples, you struggle. And for a single mom, she would struggle even more. So it's nice to have a resource there to get to help them with things that they need," said McElhaney.

The facility is located at 204 Northwest Veterans Boulevard and is currently accepting kids.

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