MIAA University Advancement Summer Conference

MIAA University Advancement Summer Conference

Representatives from several colleges gather in Pittsburg today for the annual MIAA University Advancement Summer Conference. The conference encourages university staff to help students complete their college goals.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- More than 90 staff members from 12 different universities around the Four States attended the annual MIAA University Advancement Summer Conference. 

"I try to talk to some about what was happening, some in the higher education in across our state and so forth. And then try to focus mainly on them and the role, important role they play in their institution," said Andy Tompkins, Kansas Board of Regents CEO.

Keynote Speaker Andy Tompkins says students should be the main focus in schools. 

"How do we make things better? What are the things we need to do? Because if we have someone, a group of students who aren't being successful, how do we make sure that we try to make some adjustments to help them be more successful," said Tompkins. 

Participants from local universities appreciate Tomkins' advice. 

"I really appreciated the fact that not only did he talk about many of the challenges that we're all facing in higher education within the midwest and throughout the country, but he talked about somethings that was very inspiring for us all as well," Jon Bartlow, Alumni Relations Director.

Tompkins also has advice for college students.

"Completing should be your number one goal. So if you're in a certificate or a credential program, put your mind on getting that credential," said Tompkins. 

Tompkins adds students should also establish a good financial plan if they need to borrow money. He hopes his advice will help make each university successful.

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