Mayor Says Neosho Finances "Looking Strong"

Mayor Says Neosho Finances "Looking Strong"

City brings in $10 million a year and has just under $2 million in reserves
NEOSHO, MO --- At a recent town hall meeting, the mayor of Neosho says the city's financial forecast is looking strong.

Mayor Richard Davidson said the city's financial status is currently 5% ahead of budget for 2014.  The city of Neosho brings in around $10 million a year, and currently has $1.7 million in reserves. 

Davidson said so far the city has done a good job maintaining its finances.  By 2017, projections show the city's debt will start to go down.

"Right now, we're on track," Davidson said.  "Revenues are ahead of what where we expected them to be.  The city's financial situation overall is very strong.  And we see that continuing to strengthen over the next year or two."

Mayor Davidson says an immediate city focus is on public safety, making sure first responders have the necessary vehicles and equipment.
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