Main Street Pet Care- Ticks Pt. 1- April 22, 2014

Main Street Pet Care- Ticks Pt. 1- April 22, 2014

Dr. Ben Leavens discusses ticks, the increase in tick population, and the diseases they carry.


Missouri is home to every "bad" tick in the USA.

·  Brown Dog Tick

·  American Dog Tick

·   Lone Star Tick

·  Black Legged Tick

·  Rocky Mountain Tick

·  Gulf Coast Tick

Ticks have very long life cycles, except for the Brown Dog Tick. 

·  It can be as short as two months!

·  Brown Dog Tick is the only tick that can complete its life cycle
in your home.

Life cycles of other ticks can take two to three years to complete, and they can live for years.

All other ticks need humidity to thrive, and they need suitable hosts.

We are in tick bloom time NOW. 
They are YEAR ROUND, but in June their numbers peak!  Every year This year they
will be peaking in a few weeks around the four-states. 

Good acorn crop two years ago means lots of ticks. 

Ticks are definitely on the increase locally and on the continent.  They are increasing in number where they
have always been found and are also expanding their geographical distribution.

Two main causes:

1.       Deer overpopulation increases hosting.

2.       Climate change due to RE-forestation increases habitat.

Tick borne disease reports are increasing in human health and in veterinary medicine.

New tick-borne pathogens continue to emerge.  There are probably far more tick disease we do not know about that
those that we do.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever




Lyme/Lyme-like disease

Cytauxzoon in Cats

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is uncommon around here. 

How many cases have been confirmed to originate in Missouri?

Cases here are most likely imported. 

Google searches for Lyme Disease information peak around June. 

Lyme-like diseases do occur in Missouri.


Is common around here.

Many clinical cases every year.

Can be fatal.

Spreads the most in October, after people quit applying tick control.

Second Google Tick Disease peak in October due to this disease.

New human Ehrlichosis has arrived.


Newer disease.

Fairly common in cats.

Often fatal.

More seem to survive over time.

Heartland Disease virus in people.

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