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Main Street Pet Care- Inappropriate Marking Behavior Pt. 1- February 25, 2014

Dr. Ben Leavens talks about animals that are responsible for unwanted marking and ruling out medical problems.
Inappropriate Elimination/Marking is number one cause of give-ups in small dogs
and cats.  Most serious health problem we see in small dogs for this reason (ie:
if it can't be solved, the pet is often given up/euthanized).  Remember that
neutering your pet before six months of age is the most effective way to solve
this problem. 

What to do about unwanted marking:

Rule Out Medical Problems



        Increased Urine Production

        Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Establish That It Is Marking

        Leg Lift

           Small Volume

        Upright Surface

Clean Up Accidents

        No Ammonia

           Vinegar if Fresh

        Enzymatic Cleaners

Constant Observation

        Video Cams May Be Helpful

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