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Main Street Pet Care- Inappropriate Marking Behavior Pt. 2- February 25, 2014

Dr. Ben Leavens discusses ways to prevent unwanted marking from your pets.
Inappropriate Elimination/Marking is number one cause of give-ups in small dogs
and cats.  Most serious health problem we see in small dogs for this reason (ie:
if it can't be solved, the pet is often given up/euthanized).  Remember that
neutering your pet before six months of age is the most effective way to solve
this problem. 

What to do about unwanted marking:

Must Establish Control to Train 

             Long Leash

             Short Leash Tied to Owner

             Loud Distraction

Get Outside Immediately

Praise and Instant Reward for Proper Elimination

Commercial Products Like Diapers/Etc.

Common Errors

           Waiting too long in between bathroom 

           Punishing your dog for eliminating in the 
           wrong place

           Punishing after the fact

           Failing to reward good behavior with
           extra-special treats

           Going inside right after your dog eliminates

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