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Lost Creek Bacteria Levels Decrease

Bacteria levels in a local creek have been lower this summer compared to past years.
SENECA, MO.--- Lost Creek which runs through Seneca and the Shawnee Reservation of Northeast Oklahoma has experienced high levels of bacteria such as E.Coli in recent years. This summer the bacteria levels are still above state guidelines, but haven't spiked as high as past summers. Water Quality Officer Debbie Dotson of the Shawnee Tribe says the water is safe to swim in, and that they will continue to test the water's chemicals every two weeks from May to September just to be safe.

"People, I think, are more contentious maybe upstream of us. And, maybe they are more contentious with the runoff situations," said Debbie Dotson, Water Quality Officer

Dotson advises to practice good hygiene when swimming in the creek. Make sure to wash your hands and clothes afterwards. Individuals with open cuts should not swim in Lost Creek.

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