Lawn Chemicals Could Risk Your Pets Health

Lawn Chemicals Could Risk Your Pets Health

When a pet is poisoned, the cause can often be a mystery. What most pet owners don't know is their pets could have ingested harmful toxins in their own backyards.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "There's a lot of chemicals that we like to use in our gardens and our yards during the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of those have the potential to be toxic to pets," said Dr. Regan Birkner, Main St. Veterinarian.

Common plants, like lilies and crocuses, can be harmful to pets who roam outdoors during the summer. Slug and snail baits are the most serious outdoor poisonous threat to pets. 

"You're going to know if your pet's been poisoned by anything, because they're going to go from being normal, to being very abnormal," said Dr. Birkner.

Symptoms can occur within one to two hours and can last for up to several days without medical attention. Veterinarians suggest pet owners use natural fertilizers in order to prevent their animals from consuming toxic chemicals.

"You can do things like manure and fish, dead fish and things like that. Those are definitely better alternatives. Things like composting, and that sort of stuff. That definitely helps," said Dr. Birkner.

Julie Vandine says she prefers natural fertilizers anytime she has yard work done. 

"I am a pet owner, so it keeps my own pets safe. But also, I'm a neighbor that with all this rain, it's not my chemicals that will be running off to hurt someone else's dogs either," said Julie Vandine, Pet Owner.

Veterinarians also suggest researching any outdoor chemicals you use, and getting rid of any dangerous plants in your yard. 
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