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Lamar Country Club Renovations

The Lamar Country Club gets a makeover just in time for golf season.
LAMAR, MO.--- The Lamar Country Club gets a makeover just in time for golf season. The Lamar Country Club was once a popular spot for the community, but since the economy has fallen, using the club has been put on the back burner. 

"Realistically, other than the snow on the ground right now, it's in the very best shape the course has ever been," said Shawn Maberry, Board President. 

Club membership could either shut it down for good or take a risk and renovate it, so new management took over January 1st. 

"Revamp the clubhouse, make it a lot nicer, a lot more classy. What you'd expect a clubhouse to look like," said Brandon Plank, Lamar County Club Manager. 

Brandon Plank is the manager of the country club. He believes the clubhouse will be an additional resource to the town and help restore the economy in the area.

"We've talk to city managers who are trying get businesses in and one of the big things that people see is when they see a thriving clubhouse, it looks good for the community," said Plank. 

He says they're trying to get younger families involved by adding junior rates for memberships and even a new 24 hour fitness center.

"Trying to get member dinners and just even having a lunch and dinner menu all the time out here. Just trying to get some interest and get some people in the doors and I think once we do that, then the clubhouse itself and our staff can hopefully retain them," said Plank. 

Board members tells us they're striving for something more than just a members only club.  

"Instead of being a country club environment to where you don't  feel welcomed, here we're in a small community and everybody knows everybody, welcomes everybody and so it just feels like a nice wholesome environment," said Maberry. 

Plank tells us, surprisingly, the winter hasn't stalled the enrollment numbers.

"We've just had a ton of good feedback, people already booking tournaments, booking events. So we think we're definitely moving in the right direction," said Plank. 

The clubhouse makeover has taken about two months, but workers believe it's the first step to restoring the golf course. The Lamar Country Club will host an open house on February 28th. 

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