Labor Day Traffic

Labor Day Traffic

Labor Day means more drivers on the road.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Most are now heading back home from a three day vacation and passing through Missouri. Travelers spent time with family, visit new places, and tried new things. We caught up with some travelers today who stopped at the Joplin Travel Center on I-44 and asked them how their experience on the roads has been. 

"Traveling from Tulsa and we're on our way to Chicago, where we live. And the roads have been awesome very, easy going, not a lot of traffic," said Lisa Pellico, traveler.

"There was a bit of construction, a funeral slowed it down. It looked like we were about a half an hour behind a end of a high speed car chase earlier. But other than that, they have been fine," said Frederick Warren, traveler.

Despite any traffic hassles, drivers say they will continue the tradition of traveling on the road every year.

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