Labor Day Grilling Safety Tips

Labor Day Grilling Safety Tips

Many of us will be firing up the grill this Labor Day, but it's important to be safe.

JOPLIN, MO.--- Workers at Lowe's in Joplin say it's important to make sure you clean your grill before you use it. That means emptying the grease trap and cleaning the grate. Also, it's recommended to avoid drinking when you're grilling. Make sure you keep children and pets away the grill. 

"It's good to stay there with your grill and monitor it and make sure that you've got a timer set so you have an idea of when it's suppose to be ready and everything like that. Make sure you're paying attention. Flare ups can happen quickly and can be very dangerous," said Chris Legg, Lowe's Manager.

Once you're done grilling, it's important to make sure to turn your propane tank off. 

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