Kansas Governor Candidate Visits Southeast Kansas

Kansas Governor Candidate Visits Southeast Kansas

Democrat Paul Davis says there are concerns with public schools and rising taxes.
GALENA, KS --- Governor Sam Brownback's opponent for the upcoming Kansas governors race visited Southeast Kansas this weekend.

Democratic candidate Paul Davis said a hot issue leading up to the elections later this year is concerns with public schools because of larger class sizes, test scores being down, and more teachers being layed off.

Current cost of living in Kansas is another concern due to increased costs in property and sales tax, as well as college tuition.  Davis said the state needs to get back to working with individual communities.

"Understand that, you know, what works here in Galena is very different than what works in Kansas City or Garden City," Davis said.  "The state is got to be a better partner in terms of helping communities grow the economy."

The 2014 Kansas Gubernatorial Election is November 4th.

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