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JPD Sees Decrease in Auto Accidents

There were 127 crashes reported in Joplin last month.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Joplin police continue to see a trend of decreasing auto accidents in March. There were 127 crashes reported in Joplin last month, that's well below the total in March of 2013. Officers say they've stepped up enforcement efforts. That includes factors like drivers who follow too closely, fail to yield the right of way, or are distracted while driving. Officers add that they're also paying more attention in areas that have been problematic in the past. 

"More importantly, we're focusing on the enforcement of those violations in specific areas, areas that are contributing to high crash numbers," said Sgt. Rusty Rives, Joplin Police Department. 

When you add up the results of that extra traffic enforcement, total wrecks dropped in January, February and March - following a year end decrease in 2013. 
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