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Joplin Pawn Shop Increases Security After Being Burglarized

Joplin police say all businesses can help prevent crime by taking added safety precautions.
JOPLIN, MO.--- A Joplin pawn shop amps up security after it was burglarized earlier this week. Someone broke into Gold Digger's Pawn sometime after six Sunday night, taking thousands of dollars of their retail property. The pawn shop has since added extra barriers and sensors to increase security measures. Joplin police say all businesses can help prevent crime by taking added safety precautions. 

Jim Lawson came to his store Monday morning around seven and saw one of the front doors smashed. Lawson estimates someone stole $20,000 worth of retail jewelry, like gold and diamond rings.

"Several boxes of 800 to 1,000 dollar rings were taken," said Jim Lawson, Gold Diggers Pawn Inc. Manager. 

Since then, staff have heightened security measures, like adding more bars on the windows.

"We've also stepped up more sensors in the store to detect anyone coming across the floor at a low level, more camera surveillance," said Lawson. 

Joplin police officers say businesses can do even more to prevent crime.

"Have better illumination in front of the building. Keep lights on inside during the night so police officers, anyone driving by can see what's going on in the store," said Daniel Rogers, Joplin Police Department. 

The store manager says they keep customers' items under tighter security, locked and barred up.

"Most pawn shops are pretty secure," said Lawson. 

Lawson believes the person who targeted the store must have been in before.

"The lights were out that night in the store. They had to know exactly where they was going and what they were going to hit. Like I said, they had to be in and out of here in a minute or less," said Lawson. 

The manager says in the future they may have a staff member stay overnight at the store. JPD says evidence has been seized in the break-in. If anyone has any information you are asked to call the Joplin Police Department
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