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Joplin New Adaptive Signal Timing System

A series of Joplin area intersections now have a new way to control the flow of traffic.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Crews were on site at 7th and Duquesne today, prepping for new striping at the intersection. It's part of the new adaptive signal timing system now in effect between Range Line and Route 249. Seven intersections have the ability to add or subtract time at traffic lights through a series of computers.

"They talk together, and looking at traffic as it approaches the intersection, it'll talk together and basically say that needs more green time when the signals would go green, so that you would have less waiting time," said Dave Taylor, MoDOT Senior Traffic Studies Specalist.   

This is the second adaptive timing project for Joplin, following a 2009 project running nearly the entire length of Range Line.

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