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Joplin Liquor License Process Changes

The City of Joplin is in the process of adopting a new way for businesses to get their liquor license faster.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The process for Joplin businesses to get a liquor license is soon going to become much easier. The City of Joplin is in the process of adopting a new way for businesses to get their liquor license faster. When getting a liquor license, you have to get approval from both the city and state. Through the old way, applicants had to fill out an application with the city, then get a background check and all building inspections completed.

"They weren't able to go to the state until all of the city process was concluded," said Brain Head, Joplin City Attorney. 

"So it can actually prolong the license that you need to get from the state. It can drag it out even farther," said John Buck, Joplin Restaurant and Bar Owner. 

Joplin City Attorney Brian Head says through the new process, the city would give you a letter that's conditional. Meaning there is a probability that you would pass the city process. Then you would take that letter to the state to get your state license. Once the city finishes its process, then you can start serving alcohol. This way you get both licenses going at the same time.

"So now they will be able to go to the state earlier, have that in hand so when the city process is concluded, they will immediately be able to open with their city license and the state license," said Head. 

"If you're able to get those going at the same time, you're able to get it done quicker, and that's a pretty important deal to help bring these type of businesses to Joplin," said Buck. 

Joplin restaurant and bar owner, John Buck, says when he went through the process to get the liquor license for "JB's Piano Bar" downtown and his new place, "JB's Far Side Of The Moon" it took a lot longer than expected.

"Getting the letter before hand will help you get the ball rolling with the state so that would help me initially," said Head. 

"I really think this is a step in the right direction for the city working with business owners who wants to bring this type of business to Joplin," said Buck. 

Joplin city officials say this new liquor license process will take until the end of March before it will be effective.

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