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Joplin Introduces New Sunshine Lamp Trolley

As Joplin's original trolley retires from service, a new one takes its place.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The City of Joplin officially launched the El Dorado Ez Rider II today. The trolley features a lower floor for easy access, wheel chair ramps at both doors, and all the brass and wooden features unique to a trolley.

"Our first little service when we started, we hoped that we'd be able to do 50 rides a day. Here we are seven years later, we have, now have three routes running and our vehicles operate 30 rides an hour," said Robert Lolley, Joplin Public Transit Coordinator. 

The retiring trolley had racked up 198,000 miles and 226,000 rides since it first went into service in 2007.

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