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Joplin City Leaders Discuss the Future of Memorial Hall

Joplin High School decided to end their lease with the facility and will be out by July 31st.
JOPLIN, MO.--- City Parks Director Chris Cotten says one option is to renovate the existing facility into a performing arts venue and build a 4,500 to 6,500 seat arena where the parking lot is. Another option is to put a recreation center on the back of the building. Cotten says Joplin has out grown the venue as it stands now.

"To find a way to repurpose and reutilize this facility. Obviously, if that's not an option, then maybe as we create a new venue, that we we save the history of this building. We transplant it to a new facility," said Chris Cotten, Joplin Parks Director.

Cotten says the city will wait for permission from the council to hire a consultant to study the economic impact and take tours of similar facilities.

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