Joplin Children's Haven Receives $95,000 in Grants

Joplin Children's Haven Receives $95,000 in Grants

Children's Haven in Joplin is getting a big financial boost through a pair of grants.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Children's Haven in Joplin is getting a big financial boost through a pair of grants. These grants will help families and children who are in a crisis.  It costs around $150 a night to house each child. So the grants will help pay for the housing. 

"It's really just to help them. Make sure they can help every child out there that needs help," said Stephanie Howard, Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri. 

So the Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri is giving Children's Haven a grant of almost $85,000. 

"Children's Haven has stepped up to the board. They have really taken care of the kids. We wanted to make sure, they have seen a 40% increase that they were able to continue and handle and take care of the kids," said Howard. 

The grant will be used to pay off debt from caring for tornado victims during the last two years. Children's Haven staff says the grant is much needed. 

"You know we had to look at different sources after the tornado. People have been giving and giving and rebuilt this town, but there is a limit to that, a limit to everything. It's not harder or easier, it's just different now," said Liz Erickson, Children's Haven. 

Children's Haven also received a regional cover grant for more than $10,000 from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks to pay for crisis care for teens. 

"It allows us to go forward and provide more care as kids come through our door. And as we move into our new home, we will be seeing more and more kids," said Erickson. 

Workers at Children's Haven are thankful and excited to put the grants to good use. 

"You know it's huge! To see the smiling faces in the house makes all the difference. And to know that families had the time to fix whatever is going on in their lives and making it harder is priceless," said Erickson. 

Children's Haven is open 24 hours and seven days a week to help kids in Joplin in a crisis situation. Children's Haven recently built a new facility and have been slowly moving in. The official move will be sometime this month. 
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