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Joplin Buffalo Wild Wings New Non Smoking Policy

Buffalo Wild Wings will still allow smoking outside on their patios.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Buffalo Wild Wings in Joplin is kicking the habit. Starting May 1st, Buffalo Wild Wings is implementing a storewide non smoking policy.

"I feel there shouldn't be any smoking at all in any public places," said Don Coats, Buffalo Wild Wings Customer.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Joplin feels the same way. 

"An overall health conscious wise, we just want to make sure that all of our guests, no matter smoking or non-smoking, that we make the best decision. And I think going non-smoking all around is the best decision we can make," said Meeca Fuller, Buffalo Wild Wings Assistant Manager.

Management at Buffalo Wild Wings feel this is the healthiest choice for their Joplin restaurant. So far, they're getting a good response from customers.

"We've had such great feedback about it. We had guests and customers say that, you know, now they will actually come here with their kids. Or they never used to come here because, you know, it was smoking," said Fuller. 

The City of Joplin doesn't have a citywide smoking ban. It's up to each restaurant to decide if they allow smoking or not. Customer Don Coats has been smoking since he was 20 years old and feels this ban might help break his habit. 

"I'd like to quit, but it's hard to quit. If you're around an environment like this, that don't smoke, then that's just more I don't smoke. So it's better for me," said Coats. 

He feels it's not only a good idea for his health, but for others as well. 

"The second hand smoke is not good for anybody, period. So people shouldn't smoke anywhere except for their own homes or outside," said Coats. 

Buffalo Wild Wings will still allow smoking outside on their patios. 

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