Joplin Bike Rack Installation Process

Joplin Bike Rack Installation Process

Bicycling is becoming more and more popular in Joplin.
JOPLIN, MO.--- "Our Downtown is definitely developing. We are getting a little bit of a bigger city feel and I think this is just one of the things people are picking up on," said Daniel Valentine, Downtown Joplin Alliance.

Local organizations and business owners have seen an increase in cyclists. 

"We have seen quite an increase in the amount of cyclist who like to commute back and forth to work. Even those who like to go to grocery stores, do a few things two miles or less from your home," said Debra Johnson, Bicycle Specialists Owner.

The Downtown Joplin Alliance has noticed Joplin isn't exactly bike friendly.

"Right now, there's no location to properly secure a bike. There are tree guards that you can chain them up to but, it's really not feasible," said Valentine. 

So the Alliance has stepped in to help with that. They were given a grant that helped purchase 12 bike racks. They were made and designed with the help of local businesses.

"I think the bike racks are definitely important for the development of more bicycle friendly atmosphere. Definitely give bicyclist a chance to have the security to support local businesses and have their bicycles secured," said Valentine. 

Local business owners feel this is a good thing. 

"I think it's absolutely wonderful. If you go to a larger cities, they have bike racks everywhere and people everywhere riding. And I think they will be utilized to a unbelievable amount," said Johnson. 

Installation will take place in the next few weeks. The bike racks will be free to use, but make sure you bring a lock to help keep your bike safe. 

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