Integris Baptist Regional Hospital Renovations

Integris Baptist Regional Hospital Renovations

Integris Baptist Regional Health Center in Miami is making changes to provide comfort to patients.
MIAMI, OK.--- The emergency room and new surgery patient entrance at the Integris Baptist Regional Hospital in Miami is currently under construction.

"We started about a month ago, as far as the, really starting to reorganize. Tearing up some of the flooring, some of the walls to create a true open area in the front for that new out patient waiting area," said Jordan Cash, President of Integris Baptist Regional Health Center.

Instead of having both surgery and ER patients waiting in the ER room, surgery patients will now enter through the main entrance of the hospital. 

"It just creates for a better environment to separate those two as well as the potential for, you know, infection or someone whose sick to be in the same area to someone who is healthy," said Cash. 

The hospital is adding new TV's, lounge chairs, floors and signage to the waiting rooms and hallways in order to create a more comfortable environment for the patients. Hospital staff say creating a space for patients to be reassured that they are receiving quality healthcare is their main goal. 

"The feedback that we're receiving from the patients have been very positive. They like the new look, they like the location. It's close to proximity to the cafeteria and the gift shop, and things right there. So it's just a very comfortable feel for them," said Tony Morgan, RN, BSN, Clinical Director of Surgical Service at Integris Baptist Regional Health Center.

The new surgery entrance is also benefiting the doctors by allowing them a more private calm space for consultations with the patients and their families. 

"We're giving superb care, excellent care. We just want the patients to feel that same kind of care and comfort when they're here waiting as their loved ones are having surgery or some type of a procedure done," said Morgan. 

The roughly $200,000 project is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. 
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