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Incentives Without Walls Loan Program

Incentives Without Walls is a community program which provides zero percent interest loans to businesses who are looking to make improvements.
PARSONS, KS.--- Parsons Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Parsons Incorporated are merging to better their efforts. The merger is expected to increase the efficiency and economic power of the two organizations' impact on Parsons. "Incentives Without Walls" is a community program which provides 0% interest loans to businesses who are looking to make improvements. President Jim Zaleski of the Parsons Chamber of Commerce says maintaining strong programs like this one is at the top of their agenda.

"That program puts $70,000 in a revolving rolling fund, zero percent interest into our community. So that's one of the things we definitely want to keep around as this merger goes forward," said Jim Zaleski, Chamber of Commerce President. 

Zaleski says these loans, provided initially by the state's department of commerce, have made renovations possible for numerous downtown businesses.

"To be able to get some money, interest-free, it just makes it a little bit easier for someone to do a project or whatever," said Zaleski. 

Dave Mattox owns Bleachers in downtown Parsons, and has used the IWW loan to renovate another one of his buildings. He says the loan is a great way to support business owners and increase economic development for the city.

"The amount that I got from the IWW, you know, I hope is going to cover that extra cost. So that makes it nice, you don't have to go back to the bank for some more financing," said Dave Mattox, Business Owner. 

On April 1st, there will be an open community meeting to discuss the merger and what business owners and residents would like to see in Parsons.

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