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Hundreds of Children search for 11,000 Easter Eggs

The eggs contained everything from candy to gift certificates

JOPLIN, MO--- This afternoon hundreds of children spent time searching for 11,000 Easter eggs. The easter egg hunt was hosted by Freeman Health system and it was held at the Joplin Athletic Complex. Freeman's outreach committee works to show their appreciation for their employees by hosting familly events. The 11,000 eggs were filled with everything from candy to gift certificates-- and of course, the Easter bunny was in attendance.

"At Freeman Health System we recognized that our most valuable asset is our employees. So what better way to tell them thank you for all that they do for us everyday than to host these family events.  We started our day with the Freeman Family 5k and what better way to end it then with this easter egg hunt," exclaims Tiffany Stout of Freeman Health System.

The egg hunt is held every year for Freeman employees.

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