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Heartland Concert Band Performs at Northpark Mall

Patriotic tunes fill Joplin's Northpark Mall in honor of Independence Day.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The Heartland Concert Band of Carthage paid a tribute to America during their patriotic concert earlier this morning. The brass choir and flute ensemble were featured during the concert. Northpark shoppers even stopped to watch the free performance while musicians played American classics such as "God Bless America" and "Stars and Stripes." 

"The reaction from the crowd, they loved it today. We had the greatest audience. It was, they were so supportive and clapping along and loved every piece we played," said Vicki Mays, Heartland Concert Band Director.

The Heartland Concert Band members come from cities across the Four States. Although none of the members are paid musicians, they all come from musical backgrounds and simply perform for fun. 

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