Hamfest Takes Over Joplin

Hamfest Takes Over Joplin

Hundreds of licensed radio operators gather in Joplin.

JOPLIN, MO--- Hundreds of licensed radio operators gathered in Joplin over the last two days. The convention, called Hamfest, was hosted by the Joplin Amateur Radio Club. Hundreds of radio enthusiasts brought their equipment to buy, sell, and trade.

One local man, who has been operating radios since 1970, says he looks forward to this event every year. He says operating radios provides him an opportunity to keep in touch with people around the country and around the world.

"Just recently I worked into Italy and Barcelona Spain, but generally across the United States. I have some friends that I get on the air with pretty often in the evenings and we have what we call a round table," says Jim Scott, a licensed radio operator.

Scott encourages people to contact the Joplin Amateur Radio Club for help in obtaining an operator's license.

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