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Grocery Store Business Increases With Ice Storm

Essential items are flying off shelves at local grocery stores.
JOPLIN, MO --- Essential items are flying off shelves at local grocery stores.

"It's always good for business. I mean every time you get a winter storm, our business comes up and we're prepared," said Bill Wooldgridge, Food 4 Less Manager.

Food flew off the grocery shelves of many local stores yesterday as shoppers prepared for the big winter storm.

"It was crazy. We prepare for the worst and we had customers coming in here yesterday that were just going crazy because they knew the storm was coming," said Wooldridge.

With extra business coming in, stores call in extra workers to make sure everything's in place.

"We usually have extra staff that we schedule in here to get ready for everybody so it runs pretty smooth," said Wooldridge.

Store managers say customers tend to stock up on the same items.

"Well the first thing is the necessities: the bread, the milk, the eggs, the pop. Everybody wants meat, extra meat. They know their kids will be out of school on Monday so they've gotta get extra produce," said Wooldridge.

When the storm hits, the aisles are a little more quiet.

"Today's pretty calm, pretty calm. We're trying to catch up from yesterday today. It's a lot calmer since nobody wants to get out in the cold weather today," said Wooldridge.
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