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Gov. Nixon on Healthcare and Medicaid

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is pushing medicaid expansion and healthcare opportunities for workers this year.
JOPLIN, MO---Nixon says states have the option to get 2 billion dollars for three years to provide healthcare options for working people. Also, to reform their medicaid system. Nixon says other surrounding states have been moving forward on this and believes Missouri should too.

"We should be able to get down with pressure under premiums, we should not constrict our health care system, we should reward work, not punish work. Right now in the state of Missouri, if your not making very much money, you know the only way you can get health care? Quit your job. That's wrong, we should reward work," says Nixon. 

Governor Nixon says lawmakers have already proposed a bill to move this issue forward. He's hopeful the legislature will focus on this issue before this session ends.

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