George Washington Carver Monument Home School Program

George Washington Carver Monument Home School Program

The program provides hands on learning about George Washington Carver's life to home school students of all ages.
DIAMOND, MO.--- Students are getting out of the house to learn hands on. February is Black History Month and George Washington Carver Monument has a program for home school students. The program provides hands on learning about George Washington Carver's life. It's for home school students of all grades. They were able to build a museum exhibit from the information they learned. Students say they learned a lot about "team work."

"I learn better hands on, so it helps with that," said Katie, Student. 

Team work was the main focus for today's home school program titled "African American Trailblazers."

"Group learning, cooperative learning in groups are very important to bringing out the different talents and the different comfort talents," said Diane Eilenstein, Park Ranger. 

The students chose an aspect or theme of Carver's life and built an exhibit from it.

"We are doing the exhibit on his student life. So we are just telling a little bit about when he was a student and what he all learned about, and how he became what he was," said Hadrian, Student. 

Park rangers think the program is a good way to get home school students out of the house.

"We wanted to create some special days where they can come here and just learn some new and different programs that we can't normally provide during the public school field trip season," said Eilenstein. 

Once the exhibit is built, the teams presented them to the younger kids.

"It's good for them because it's leadership and speaking skills. And for the younger students, they are learning about the whole concept of creating a museum exhibit and they see how it's done," said Eilenstein. 

The students say the presentations help with public speaking skills. 

"Well, we are just like making little exhibits and we are going to show them to little kids, so we are like being the teachers today for them," said Hadrian. 

There will be more home school days on April 18th, July 25th, and October 3rd. If students want to sign up, they must pre-register and the cost for the program is free.
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