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Full Report Released: Letter from Investigator Tom Loraine

Investigator Tom Loraine explains why he shifted the focus of his investigation to Former City Manager Mark Rohr.

JOPLIN, MO--- A full report of the investigation which led to the firing of Former City Manager Mark Rohr was released by the Joplin City Clerk yesterday. One of the many aspects of the report is a letter from Investigator Tom Loraine, explaining to Joplin City Council why he shifted his focus to Former Manager Rohr.
Originally, he says the council requested that he investigate five issues. Including: Councilman Scearce, Councilman Woolston, Businessman Charles Kuehn, Wallace-Bajjali, and a sticky note.

Investigator Loraine says, "As the witnesses answered who, what, when, where, and why, Rohr's name and deed were referenced frequently."

According to the letter, Loraine says he continued to unearth suspicious findings related to the ethical and business obligations of Rohr. Loraine says this caused him to further investigate Rohr's management of Joplin. Rohr was fired February 4th in a 5-to-4 vote during a Joplin City Council meeting. He now works in League City, Texas. The entire investigation report is approximately 1,000 pages.

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