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Four States Sees Increase in Pollen Index

Allergy suffers can go to the National Weather Service website to see the daily pollen count updates.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Tomorrow is the first day of spring and allergy season isn't in full swing yet, we have the cold weather to thank for that. Doctors mentioned that mid-March is the time allergy season starts. So it's important for people to be aware and know how to avoid it. Freeman Health System's ear, nose and throat surgeon, Doctor Nathan Box says we have these colder temperatures to thank for a delay.
"Now that the pollen index is going to climb, I'm sure within the next few weeks we are going to see an increase in the amount of people that we typically see," said Doctor Nathan Box, Freeman Health System ENT Surgeon. 

Mold and dust are the most common allergens, but during the spring and summer months, grass, trees and weeds cause symptoms.

"The nasal congestion, nasal drainage, cough, some what of a sore and scratchy throat, itchy and watery eyes," said Dr. Box. 

So once you notice these symptoms, you can know what to avoid.
"A certain tree that may be giving them trouble, to go ahead and stay away from it. Sometimes, what a lot of people should do when they start mowing the grass, is to wear a face mask," said Dr. Box. 
Also, cleaning out your furnace filters so the mold and dust in your home doesn't circulate. 
"So it's all about avoidance for allergy suffers. I mean, that's the first step in the line of treatment, is prevention," said Dr. Box. 

It's important to know over the next few days the pollen index will be high in our area. Doctor Box says allergy suffers can go to the National Weather Service website to see the daily pollen count updates. 

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