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Former Sudanese Refugee Speaks with Pittsburg Students

Local students in Southeast Kansas get a lesson beyond their books.
PITTSBURG, KS.--- Local students in Southeast Kansas get a lesson beyond their books. Sixth grade students at Pittsburg Community Middle School just finished reading a book about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Their teacher, Lynette Wescott, thought it would be a good idea to bring in a former Sudanese refugee to talk to the class. Manon Bol's story is a variation of the lost boys, but his journey to America inspires kids to know anything is possible.     
"When you wake up in the morning and then you see the sunshine outside, its very good. I love that," said Manon Bol, Former Sudan Refugee. 

Manon Bol has seen ups and downs in his life.

"I like to tell my history, because I have new life," said Bol. 

In the early 1980's, when Bol was 11 or 12, the Sudan Civil War took a violent turn as country militia came to his village.

"Me and my father, we ran away with cows and that time they killed my father and they took me and cows," said Bol. 

Bol was taken and feared for his safety.

"I don't have nothing to do. I'm very scared, maybe they're going to kill me, too," said Bol. 

Bol says it wasn't until 2002 when a international aid organization helped him escape.

"They say you know what, maybe you can go to Egypt," said Bol. 

Bol went to Cairo, and four years later was in Kansas City.

"I had bad life before, but right now I can say I have good life," said Bol. 

Bol still had family in Sudan. In 2012, he went back for the first time.

"I'm very happy because my mom is still alive and my mom is happy too because I am still alive," said Bol. 

Bol knows he is lucky to have it made to where he is today.

"I drive car now, I'm walking, I own a house, I have good life," said Bol. 

Manon Bol says he plans to to go to school and hopes to make a trip back to Sudan in the near future to see his mother again. The students at the middle school wrote a play based on the book Tye Read, which they performed for Bol today.

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