Former MSSU President Honored at Dinner Tonight

Former MSSU President Honored at Dinner Tonight

Health Sciences Building will be named after Dr. Julio Leon.
JOPLIN, MO --- The Health Sciences Building at MSSU will have a new name starting next year. 

The building is being dedicated to former university president Dr. Julio Leon.  MSSU had a tribute dinner tonight for Dr. Leon, making his first trip back to the school in 7 years.

Dr. Leon worked at MSSU for 38 years.  He was the president of the school from 1982 until 2007.

Leon said it hasn't sunk in yet that students will be calling the building his name.

"It's a great honor, no question about it.  And it just makes it feel even more attached to the place obviously," Dr. Leon said.

Dr. Leon is working for the Academic Affairs at the University of Texas System.  He currently is in charge of creating a new university and a medical school in South Texas.   

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