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Former Joplin Man's Daughter Makes Her Olympic Figure Skating Debut

Gracie Gold and Team U.S.A. got third place in the free skate of the team competition last night.
JOPLIN, MO.--- A former Joplin man's daughter takes home a bronze medal following her Olympic figure skating debut. Gracie Gold and Team U.S.A. got third place in the free skate of the team competition last night. Far from the ice rink in Sochi, Joplin Native Carl Gurly was glued to the T.V. as Gracie Gold took the Olympic stage.

"It's just pride, I guess. Seeing her there doing it. Never think about knowing somebody in the Olympics, having someone related to them," said Carl Gurley, Gold's Great Uncle. 

He is the great uncle of Gold.

"She has everything going for her. Grace, jumping ability, style, and the name," said Gurley. 

Gurley says Gold's grandmother was a talented roller skater, he believes Gold picked up some of her grandmother's skills.

"She skated in some shows, some exhibitions, competitions and then she later taught skating," said Gurley. 

Her father, Carl Gold, has ties to Joplin. He is a 1976 graduate of Parkwood High School.

"We feel a tie there. There's a reason to watch and we act like we know her," said Jon Tupper, High School Classmate of Carl Gold.

Jon Tupper remembers playing on the state championship football team with him.

"It's obvious that she has the dedication and the passion that he would also have when he played in high school," said Tupper.

Gurley says he knew she was going to get a high score toward the end her routine.

"The last couple minutes of her skating, I thought there's no doubts about it," said Gurley. 

She achieved a personal best score. Gold and team U.S.A. took home third place.

"That's really something. The bronze is. That's not something to look away from. It's something to be proud of," said Gurley. 

Gold will take the Olympic stage again on February 19th for the ladies individual competition.
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