Fizz-Boom-Celebrate Reading Program Ends

Fizz-Boom-Celebrate Reading Program Ends

Summer reading program hosted by the Joplin Public Library aimed to get kids to read during summer.
JOPLIN, MO --- Kids celebrate the end of their nine week summer reading program in Joplin today.

The Joplin Public Library hosted a science themed celebration called "Fizz-Boom-Celebrate."  This year's summer reading theme was science.

More than 500 kids participated in the summer reading club.  Joplin Public Library librarian Jeana Gockley said the library has been doing this club every summer for 30 years to make sure kids are learning during summer break.

"When kids are out of school, there's something called the summer slide, where kids lose like a month, to two months of their education," Gockley said.  "And when they go back to school, they have to get that back.  Like the teachers have to reteach that.  And if they read or do educational stuff throughout the summer, they sort of hold on to that knowledge and they don't lose as much of it during the summer."

Gockley says next year's summer reading program theme will be superheroes.



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