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Eastern Shawnee Tribe Kids Fishing Derby

200 pounds of catfish are being caught by youth members of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe.
WYANDOTTE, OK.--- A kids fishing derby took place today on the Eastern Shawnee Tribal grounds. Each child received fishing bait and their own fishing pole. Prizes provided by Indigo Sky Casino were given out at the end of the competition. The derby was more than just a competition, but an educational activity about water quality. Tribal members shared why it's important to keep the water clean for all living things. 

"Well, they've already learned quite a bit about clean water, why it's important. Things that live in the water and what they need, and why it's important to think about what we do as part of our everyday life," said Debbie Dotson, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Water Quality Officer. 

Around 40 kids attended the derby and were able to take home the fish they caught. 
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