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E-Cigarette Accidents Prompts Warning From Poison Centers

As E-cigarettes grow in popularity, poison centers are warning parents about the deadly risk they pose for children.
JOPLIN, MO.--- As E-cigarettes grow in popularity, posion centers are warning parents about the deadly risk they pose for your children. Poison centers are reporting a recent rise in calls about children's exposure to either E-cigarette devices or liquid nicotine. So the American Association of Poison Control Centers has issued a warning, urging parents to use caution when using the devices. 

E-liquids are on full display at Southwest MO Vape Shop, but not at owner Holy Crane's home.

"We do keep our liquids away. Just like we would any other household chemical that would be harmful to them," said Holly Crane, Southwest MO Vape Shop Owner. 

She's already informed her step daughters of what's inside the bottles.

"We've told them that it's toxic. That if you were to ingest it, you would be very ill," said Crane. 

Crane says at some shops, you may see brightly colored liquid or labeling on E-liquids.

"At the same time, they could smell really good, like candy," said Crane. 

Posion centers across the nation are reporting more calls related to kids coming in contact with E-cigarettes devices or liquid nicotine. Doctors warn parents to keep these hidden and out of the reach of children.

"Any chemical has the toxicity, so why a kid who is 6 years of age should hold anything which has potentional toxicity," said Dr. Waqas Chishti, Pulmonary Medicine, Freeman Health System. 

Crane says this warning is something they make sure to mention to customers.

"We make sure, especially with new customers, to point out that the nicotine concentrate is harmful if swallowed," said Crane. 

Each bottle of E-liquid contains a childproof cap and a warning that says this product contains nicotine. Crane expects that having childproof lids could be mandatory for all vapor shops soon. She adds that most shops she's visited do self-regulate their products with these protections.

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